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In the certification course, "Food Safety and Training for Workers in Advanced Manufacturing," participants will explore the critical aspects of food safety within advanced manufacturing settings. With a focus on real-world application, participants will develop the knowledge and skills necessary to uphold the highest standards of food safety in advanced manufacturing, ensuring the integrity and safety of food products throughout the production process.

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About the course

This eLearning program is tailored to educate individuals working within the manufacturing sector. This course provides comprehensive guidance on the essential food safety and hygienic practices that Food Business Operators in the manufacturing sector must adhere to. It aligns with the requirements outlined in Schedule 4 of the FSS (Licensing & Regulation of Food Businesses) Regulation, 2011, and incorporates industry-leading practices.

It has been thoughtfully structured to mirror the operational flow within the manufacturing industry, making it easily comprehensible for Food Safety Supervisors. Additionally, the course includes visuals specifically related to the food industry, aiding instructors in their training efforts. This course has a broader application, extending its benefits to food handlers tasked with implementing hygiene standards in food production facilities.

Through a structured curriculum, learners will explore the principles of food safety, hazard identification, and mitigation strategies, while also gaining practical insights into regulatory compliance and best practices. 

This course is mapped to the FoSTaC Course, offering participants a recognized pathway to further their expertise in the field of food safety.

Key learning outcomes: 

  • Enhanced comprehension of food safety within advanced manufacturing facilities.
  • Better understanding of compliance with regulations and prerequisites.
  • Improved work safety and skills.

Who can enroll for this course: 

  • Students with Food Technology/Food Science background for certification 
  • Working food industry professionals for upskilling and certification.


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