FoSTaC - Basic Retail and Distribution

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Instructor: FICSILanguage: English

About the course

The FoSTac: Basic retail and manufacturing self-paced course centers on the essential prerequisites necessary for individuals working in food establishments when it comes to food handling, processing, and packaging. Both the food business operator and those responsible for these tasks must adhere to strict sanitary, hygienic, and food safety guidelines. Beyond the specified criteria outlined, the food business operator must also recognize the critical steps within food-related operations that are vital for maintaining food safety. 

The course explains the general requirements of food safety & hygiene practices to be followed by Food Business Operators working in retail and distribution sector along with Industry best practices, as per Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006. It is based on Schedule 4 requirements of FSS (Licensing & Regulation of Food Businesses) Regulation, 2011. The Food Safety Supervisors (FSS) may interpret these requirements according to the size and type of their establishment.

 This course is mapped to the FoSTaC Course, offering participants a recognized pathway to further their expertise in the field of food safety.

Key Learning Outcomes: 

  • Enhanced comprehension of food safety within advanced manufacturing facilities.
  • Better understanding of compliance with regulations and prerequisites.
  • Improved work safety and skills.


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