Craft Baker (FIC/Q5002) NSQF Level 4

This course encompasses National Occupational Standards (NOS) of " Craft Baker (FIC/Q5002) NSQF Level 4" Qualification Pack approved by NSDA (Now NSVET) under National Skill Qualification Framework (FSQF).

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Language: English

Instructors: FICSI Admin



Why this course?


This course encompasses National Occupational Standards (NOS) of " Craft Baker (FIC/Q5002) NSQF Level 4" Qualification Pack approved by NSDA (Now NCVET) under National Skill Qualification Framework (NSQF).

The Programme will help in building the following key competencies amongst the learner:

  • Prepare and maintain work area and machineries for producing baked products in artisan bakeries and patisseries
  • Prepare for food production of baked food products in artisan bakeries and patisseries
  • Produce baked products in artisan bakeries and patisseries
  • Documentation and recordkeeping
  • Food safety, hygiene, and sanitation for processing food products



These Courses are conducted by


Food Industry Capacity and Skill Initiative (FICSI) - widely known as Food Processing Sector Skill Council have been set up as an autonomous industry-led body by National Skill Development Corporation under the Skill India program of the Government of India. It creates Occupational Standards and Qualification packs, develops competency framework, conducts Train the Trainer Programs, skill gap studies, and is the Certifying body under the Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana. This course has been hosted by FICSI on its online eLearning Zone.

Course Curriculum

Master Class in Craft Baker (FIC/Q5002)
Unit 1: Introduction to Training Program
Unit 2: Overview of Food Processing Industry
Unit 3: Bakery & Bakery Products
Unit 4: Organizational Standards and Norms
Unit 5: Prepare and Maintain Work Area and Machineries
Unit 6: Food Microbiology
Unit 7: Preparation for the Baking Process
Unit 8: Produce Baked Products
Unit 9: Post Production Cleaning and Maintenance
Unit 10: Complete Documentation and Record Keeping Related to the Product
Unit 11: Food Safety, Hygiene, and Sanitation
Unit 12: Employability & Enterpreneurship Skill
Unit 13: Workplace Ethics
Unit 14: SWOT Analysis
Masterclass - Strategy of Branding & Marketing of Home Bakery
Unit 15: Detail Regulation and Compliances Regarding Home Bakery
Unit 16: Food Safety & Quality Control
Unit 17: Packaging, Labelling & Branding of the Product
Unit 18: Online Marketing of Product
Unit 19: Access to Financial Assistance
Learning Resources
Food Safety Measures (7:00)
Food Safety in Bakery Products (17:00)
Red Velvet Muffins (7:00)
Cookies (4:00)
Cake Icing (7:00)
Lava Cookies (5:00)
Choco Chips Cookies (3:00)
Bakers Math (17:00)
Production Planing (14:00)
Pound Cake (9:00)
Cake Mixing Method (7:00)
Walnut Brownie (7:00)
Pastry Cutting (7:00)
Coconut Macaroons (6:00)
Equipments (5:00)
Carrot Cake (5:00)
Sandwich Cookies (10:00)
Ataa Cookies (6:00)
Blueberry Icing (13:00)
Chocolate Truffle Cake (18:00)
Chocolate Cake, Black Forest Icing (16:00)
Vanilla Cake, Fresh Fruit Icing (21:00)
Pineapple Muffins (9:00)
Marble Cake (9:00)
Chocolate Cake (7:00)
Vanilla Cake Final Render (7:00)

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